Gallery and What Has Been Left Behind
Site specific installation, Interactive environment, graphic novel
Performance recording
© 2015

Exhibited at:
2015: Kunstpodium T (NL): Tabula Rasa

I slept and lived in the gallery where I was supposed to exhibit, so I decided to make a graphic novel about the space. I started to communicate with the chairs, windows, printers and everything else. I gave the names to my artifical friends. I measured the space and started inventing possible connections and hypothesis for the room. The final installation consisted of a table with a computer and a desk fan. After the opening I left the gallery for good and started sending the pages to the printer, as I was getting more far away from the space. The fan scattered all the pages around the gallery, and kept doing so until the end of the exhibition and the novel. One of the paper, on which there was written "Hello World" was stuck in the window, half of it inside, trembling in the artificial air from the fan, the other half quivering in the wind outside.

Installation view

Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel

Exhibition view