☞ Period of Lonely Shifts, or the Most Expensive Museum in the World
Multiplayer 3D+VR experience, drawings, photos, 3D printed hardware mods
Multiplayer VR, PC and real life experience. Become a robot or a light in a nuclear power plant, while not killing each other!

Exhibited at:
2022: National Gallery Prague Jindřich Chalupecký Award (CZ)
☞ Green Stone
Interactive computer graphics, 3D printed hardware mods
Touch the stone, and answer the questions it asks. Then become an uranium stone and see what you and others did.

Exhibited at:
2023: Fotograf Gallery Released Atoms (CZ)
☞ On the Future Garden
3D PC game, drawings, site specific installation
Custom made art experience for friends about gardening and relationship betweeen man and the Earth.

Exhibited at:
2021: Bubec sculpture studio
☞ Soft Arena
Site specific installation for VR headset
An arena made out of reconstituted foam, where the player is blind, so the environment is soft. Others (not blind) are standing around and teasing the one inside.

Exhibited at:
2020: Gallery of František Drtikol (CZ)
☞ Mlha (Fog)
3D Interactive Windows App
A virtual environment copying existing part of Prague, reflecting few views on different perception of heaven, fun, and the local history of the city during 20th century.

Exhibited at:
2020: M3 festival: Layers of History(CZ)
☞ 13th District Party HQ
3D animated video
A dialogue offering two approaches on possible afterlife of a former communist party headquarters in Budapest.

Exhibited at:
2021: as a part of Othernity.eu team exhibited on Venice Biennale
☞ Song for the Deaf
3D animated video
Few virtual avatars with pretended consciousness are trying to tease deaf humans (and you) with mixed messages about virtual and real ruins.

Exhibited at:
2019: Steirischer Herbst, Haus der Architektur Graz (AT): Liebe Grüße aus Graz von Superstudio: Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
A fictional security guard thinking about different approaches to a collection in the Calouste Gulbenkian museum.

Exhibited at:
2019: Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (PT): Art on display: Virtual display
☞ Hybrids vs. Theodolite
3D Interactive Windows app, book, site specific instalation, performance
Two geodesists are trying to measure a house. They described their failures in a book, by making copies of chairs out of a styrofoam and in a PC game. Some real world visitors sat on the styrofoam chairs and destroyed them, even though they were white and completely unrealistic.

Exhibited at:
2018: Franzensfeste (IT): Academiae Biennial 2018
2018: Desfours Palace (CZ): 4+4 days in Motion
☞ Sun in a Hollow Earth
Illustrated book, Installation
Illustrated book about Edmond, who tries to measure the world and describe it in a map. Instead, he ends up digging in the Earth.

Exhibited at:
2020: Pragovka Gallery: White Plastic
☞ By the Laws of Planet of Crimson Clouds
3D Interactive Windows app, gamebook
Design of several architecture projects on lucrative spots in Prague, which are taken for centuries. A house for poor and unsuccessful architects is replacing posh co-work, or a house for worshipers of the atom stands instead of a church.

Exhibited at:
2017: Fotograf festival #7: Fotograf Gallery - Reading room: Eye in the Skye
☞ Substantial Failure (The Nollywood)
3D animated video, installation, magazine, performance
I tried to employ myself as CGI specialist in the Nollywood movie industry, which was partially successful, but after a while it went sideways and I had to reply on spam by doing a 3D animation about nigerian astronaut being stranded in soviet space vessel.

Exhibited at:
2016: Husslehof (D): Imageformat: Candyflip
☞ Nebula Core
3D animated video, installation
I have digitaly reconstructed unreacheable interiors of an atomic powerplant and I did a fist fight wearing yellow hazard suit with a friend of mine in the fields in front of the cooling towers. We raised zero security alarms. As nothing happened, I went to the visitors centre to borrow uranium, successfully.

Exhibited at:
2017: D21 Leipzig (D): WDS #7: Hra/ničení
☞ Lotus Eaters Bend Space
3D interactive Windows App
Digitally reconstructed palimpsest of unrealised art and architecture projects together with hallucinogenic and robotic speeches about escapism, virtual projecting and self realisation.

☞ Walking trough
3D interactive Windows App
Here you can go around an existing housing block and ring peoples doorbells. Some of them will respond and you might hear a rather clumsy interview about the life in the very block.

Exhibited at:
2020: Galerie etc: Imagined Community III: Walking Through
☞ The Visitors
3D interactive Windows App
You could become a visitor in peoples home around the world. However, it would be hard for you to understand the rules of every household, so sometimes you crawl into peoples dreams to find out more.

Exhibited at:
2020: Center for Contemporary Arts Prague: Beyond Nuclear Family pop-up
☞ The Gallery and what has been left behind
Site specific installation, Interactive environment
Graphic novel about a gallery which has been left by artist. Pages were sent during the exhibition to print in the gallery, where they were scattered around by a desk fan.

Exhibited at:
2015: Kunstpodium T (NL): Tabula Rasa
☞ Correction
Performance, video
I have reconstructed a modernist torture cell and dreamt about infinite toilets ordered in enermous grids, possessed by urinal monsters.

Exhibited at:
2017: Galerie FAVU: Security Garden
☞ Limits of Observation
3D interactive Windows App
Virtual reality app where you can walk on the inner surface of a big sphere and visit various minimal space experiences derived from submarines, cloisters cells and space shuttles.

Exhibited at:
2014: Galerie Futura: Comet
☞ Secluded Cachet
Site specific installation, 3D animated video
A hyberbolic exageration of a library hall, inviting you to enter the dream (or a nightmare) of baroque architects.

Exhibited at:
2016: Klementinum Prague: It looked different in a dream