The Green Stone
Interactive art, 3D printed hardware mods
© 2023

exhibited at:
2023: Fotograf Gallery Released Atoms (CZ)

Mr. Plíšek took the reports about atomic heating seriously and decided to launch his own atomic stove even before the Dalešice valley was flooded and Dukovany power plant was launched. He is alleged to have acquired the pitchblende (uranium and radium ore) at the transshipment site close to Okříšky, as did those who filled their cellars with it to prevent potatoes from sprouting and to make it easier to navigate in the dark. Plíšek properly melted the stove, loaded it with coal, then coke and finally pitchblende. In the morning, when when the stove was still blazing he congratulated himself on his cunningness. There are even rumours that, prior to the plant's construction, the Austrian Greens measured increased radioactive fallout in the region. Our narrator could not confirm whether this was actually the case or to what extent Mr. Plíšek's released atoms contributed to it.
~ Excerpt from the PC game: Will you build a nuclear power plant?
Will you flood the valley?
Will put the uraninite on fire?
Will you flood the pink currant?
Will you get a castle?
Will you light the potatoes?
Wire the rocks?
Water in the valley?
Do you have winter at home?
Do you like winter?
Do you pay for winter?
Can't afford the heat?
Is the sun enough for you?
Do you like the wind?
Will you shut down Temelin?