Limits of Observation
3D interactive Windows App for Oculus Rift headset
Gameplay (playable version upon request)

Exhibited at:
2014: Galerie Futura: Comet

Limits of Observation is a virtual reality app for Oculus Rift headset. You might find yourself on the inner surface of a sphere, and what more, your vision range fluctuates from two metres to thirty. Sometimes you find yourself lost, seeing just blurry smudges, so you have to wait till your sight gets better. Gradually you might discover that being in a small, enclosed space is much better, since there your vision range fluctuation does not really matter. Spaces like cloisters, submarines, battle tanks or spaceship cockpits are ideal. When you feel like you want to fly, just with a press of a button you might find yourself seeing everything from the very center of the sphere. But only till your vision shortens again.

Screenshots - Unity app

Screenshots - VR PC app