On the Future Garden
3D Interactive Windows App, drawings, photos, sculptures
Gameplay (free to download ~ 0,6 GB)
© 2020

to be exhibited at:
2021: Private property in Mělník
2021: Bubec sculpture studio, On the Future Garden (CZ)

Tailored art experience for two friends thinking about their garden. This beta version introduces few players, describes the environment and possible outcomes to be seen in upcoming updates. One can so far meet two persons with a thing for a gardening, but different takes on the issue. The story describes a character who wonders, and the other who plans things. They meet in a garden and things will start to revolve.
~ Excerpt from the PC game: Eugene sleeps in the garden. He only wakes up when he is cold or when the sun starts to shine on his face. He waters the plants several times at night during long consumption of fermented beverages. By that he gives them a lot of nutrients. Eugene is a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus and other expensive compounds for its plants, which one can only pee on in a gardening shop. Eugene likes to look at differences between species, as each plant finds its own space, and if he is careful, he tries not to step on anything. During a rogue expeditions to foreign gardens, he takes the seeds of unknown flowers, which he then accidentally scatters around the garden and watches what happens. Sometimes nothing at all. Eugene considers himself a visitor who wonders what is happening around him. Sometimes he is burnt from nettles and sometimes he has a mouth black from blueberries and so it is there is a possibility that Eugene might be one of the plants.




Screenshots - interactive PC app