The Period of Lonely Shifts, or the Most Expensive Museum in the World
Multiplayer 3D+VR experience, drawings, photos, 3D printed hardware mods
Installation walktrough
© 2023
Gameplay with comentary
© 2023

exhibited at:
2022: National Gallery Prague Jindřich Chalupecký Award (CZ)
2023: Galerie 35m2 (CZ)

In Lower Austria, they built the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant, but due to social pressure on politicians, it was never started up. In the installation, the visitor can visit four different niches. In three of them, through various means (computer game, VR glasses, microphone), he or she enters a virtual copy of the control room of the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant. In it, one plays as different characters that have played a role in the history of Zwentendorf (activist, engineering and political characters). Through them and their possibilities of interaction he or she enters the room where he meets other spectators playing as other characters. It is easy to get caught up in the conflict of their interaction, but after falling down a few times, perhaps looking at the time spent in the play, you realise that perhaps there is another, more positive way out. Finding it, however, requires more effort and cooperation. The fourth niche is effectively a description of what happened, which is an absurd sequence of events, as is the fact that Lower Austria has the same flag as Ukraine.
~ Excerpt from the VR+PC game: Come.
Well, go on.
Towards the light.
Towards the core.
I'll tell you something.
A day without fusion is like a day without sunshine.
Haha. (childishly)
You don't get it.
That's alright.

Installation (Photo Jan Kolský)

Visitors playing