Walking Trough
3D interactive Windows App
Gameplay (free to play online ~ WebGL browser needed)
© 2020

Exhibited at:
2020: Galerie etc: Imagined Community III: Walking Through

In this small PC app you can go around a copy of existing block in Prague and ring peoples doorbells. Some of them will respond and you might hear a rather clumsy interview about the life in the very block.
In their collaborative exhibition project, architect Alžběta Kvasničková and artist Vojtěch Radakulan walk through the Nusle neighbourhood to capture both past and present, material and subjective elements that constitute the specific character of this area. The phrase walk-through refers to the act of guiding others through a particular space, enabling them to gain new knowledge about the area. In the world of computer games, this notion refers to a shared guide to a game that walks players through the virtual world. Together with the local residents, the authors of the exhibition take the role of guides and inteviewers uncovering phenomena that shape life in Nusle. you can go around an existing housing block and ring peoples doorbells.

Screenshots - interactive PC app

Installation view